My High-Risk Photojournalism Kit – Overview

I had been meaning to write an overview (including a video) of one of my photojournalism packs. Here it is!

I designed a custom photojournalism pack for high-risk, dangerous environments. I use methods and principles from mobile journalism and backpack journalism.

Considering the prevalence of violence at recent political events (directed at protesters and law enforcement officers alike), it’s never been more important for journalists to be prepared for the worst. Major networks have recently provided safety training that’s usually reserved for war correspondents.

While journalists aren’t first responders tasked with public safety duties, they are often among the first people to arrive at dangerous events. Considering the confusion that’s common in these situations, It’s critical that journalists not interfere with emergency personnel. Doing so could put first responders and victims at higher risk. Because journalists are voluntarily exposing themselves to danger, I believe that they have an ethical and moral responsibility to be prepared for mass casualty incidents.


Basic Equipment

*good for building rapport, barter, or generally getting out of a bad situation

Camera Gear


IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit)

Environmental Hazards Kit

Optional: Survival Pack

  • water purification tablets
  • trail tape
  • pencil
  • compass
  • 550 (Parachute) Cord