AWOL in Aspen?

Did members or representatives of the Trump family meet with a Putin-linked Russian Oligarch in Aspen? Did representatives of Trump rendezvous with him in the Caribbean, afterward?

March 26, 2017 – Eric R Rosenwald

This report is a continuation of my earlier Trump-Russia flight tracking story, Michael Cohen and the Beauty Central Fleet.” You can view the complete flight schedule in that article.  My work was inspired by reports from Louise Mensch and John Mashey – Without their lead, this report wouldn't be possible.

NOTE: See the infographic, below the text

According to multiple reports via anonymous sources, President Trump was angry that Jared Kushner, a senior advisor to the president, was on vacation in Aspen while the American Health Care Act (AHCA) faltered in Congress. A White House official publicly denied these claims. 

Either way, the Trump family vacation in Aspen was no minor outing. In 2015, Ivanka described it as a family tradition. Jared Kushner certainly doesn’t have a reputation for being a slacker, and the battle in Washington over ‘Trumpcare’ had been raging for days.

Ivanka, Eric, Lara and Donald Trump Jr. traveled to Aspen on Saturday, March 18. Jared Kushner joined his family in Aspen, Colorado (flying from Washington, D.C. in the famous Trump family Boeing 757) on the the same day that Roman Abramovich’s plane arrived in Colorado, from Moscow.

Roman Abramovich, a powerful Russian oligarch and associate of Russian President Vladimir Putin, owns property in Aspen. Roman’s wife, Dasha Zhukova, is a close friend of Ivanka Trump. She was a guest of Ivanka at Trump’s inauguration. 

The nearest airport to Aspen that can safely handle an aircraft as large as the Trump 757 is 32 miles away, in Eagle, Colorado. Abramovich’s 767 jet is larger and even more limited to large airports with longer runways and safer approaches. His aircraft landed in Denver, 125 miles away from Aspen.

The story doesn't end there.

On Thursday, March 20, Abramovich’s plane flew to the northern Lesser Antilles, a group of islands in the Caribbean Sea. On the same day, two aircraft linked to Michael Cohen did the same – one via Palm Beach, Florida, home of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort. It’s important to note that Caribbean nations are famous for their tax haven status, and it’s possible that these trips are purely coincidental.

Abramovich’s aircraft landed in St. Maarten, while two smaller Beauty Central LLC-owned Gulfstream jets landed in Anguilla (one of which stopped in Palm Beach, first.) St. Maarten, St. Martin, St. Barth and Anguilla are nearly the same destination. The islands lie several miles apart and have close economic and social ties. St. Maarten (formerly Dutch) and St. Martin (formerly French) are actually two sides of the same island. Each island has an airport, but they differ in their size and ability to serve large aircraft.

It’s unclear wether or not any of these flights are related, but further investigation is certainly warranted.

This report is based entirely on open-source, independently-verifiable information. I make no assertions as to the location of any individual, at any time.